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Monday, September 23, 2019


Jason Meglich opens, Tan Hoang and Jay McVeigh come along from the blinds, three-handed at the @HPTpoker @Gates_Poker final table.

The all-Clubs flop comes out Tc Kc 2c, Hoang leading out for 350,000, McVeigh coming along and Meglich stepping aside.

The turn is Kd, Hoang bets out to 600,000, and McVeigh moves all in. Hoang asks for a count - 2,260,000 - and finds a call, but doesn't like what h sees.
  • Hoang shows 6c 4c for a flush
  • McVeigh turns over Jc 8c for a larger flush
  • Meglich turns away from the table, saying he mucked Aces.
The river is Qd and the chips shift a great deal. McVeigh moves to 6,420,000, Meglich is at 4,755,000 and Hoang slides to 1,190,000.

Hoang is going to be at 10bb when the three players return for a 30-minute dinner break.

Level - 30
Ante - 120k
Blinds - 60k/120k
Remain - 3/412

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Media Live
-- Hayley Hochstetler Photos

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