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Monday, October 7, 2019


Greg Raymer limps and Frank Bonacci checks his option, three-handed in the @HPTPoker Pittsburgh Main Event.

Action picks up, however, on the flop with Raymer opening for 75,000, Bonacci raising to 250,000, Raymer moves all-in and Bonacci calls off his 970,000 on the flop of 7c 9d 8c.
  • Bonacci - Td 6s for a flopped straight
  • Raymer - Qd 9c for a flopped top pair and a backdoor to a better straight.
The board runs out Ad 4s and Bonacci doubles to 2,200,000, with Raymer slipping back to 1,000,000. Calvin Snead leads at 4,700,000.

Ante - 30k/60k
Blinds - 60k
Remain - 3/266

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Media Live

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