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Monday, October 28, 2019


Eric Salazar moves all in to keep the pressure on Michael Rosenberg, heads-up for the @HPTpoker @DBKCandPR title, and Rosenberg calls off his 2,625,000 stack - but he doesn't like where he's at once he sees the cards.

  • Rosenberg has Kd 8c
  • Salazar has yet another final table big pair, Js Jd

The flop gets a reaction - 6d 5c 7c - as Rosenberg is open-ended for a potential eighth double at the final table.

The turn 6h has Salazar calling for the board to pair, but the turn is 9h for the straight and the 8th double for Rosenberg today. He moves to 5,875,000, with Salazar now at 7,450,000.

Level - 33
Ante - 250k
Blinds - 125k/250k
Remain - /445

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Media Live

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