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Thursday, February 13, 2020


Ryan @AceDredlo Dodson opens for 8,500 and draws one caller from Ted Ramos in the SB as Level 13 nears its conclusion in the @HPTpoker $1650 Main Event @Gates_Poker.

Ramos check-calls a 5k bet from Dodson on the 7 - K - 8 flop, and both players check the Q turn.

Dodson makes it 10,000 on the river Deuce, Ramos check-calls once again and Dodson snaps over King_Jack for, based on his physical responses, what he believes is the winning hand.

He's taken aback to see Ramos turn over Ace_King FTW. Ramos to 200k, Dodson to 70k.

There's a LevelUp as I write this, action moving to

Level - 14
Ante - 3000
Blinds - 1500/3000
Entries - 34/131

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Media Live
-- Korey Stewart photo

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