Monday, February 22, 2016

Down BIG, and Back Big

Rich Monroe calls the all-in from Joe Pergola on a 9♥️ J♦️ 2♥️ flop, and MOrnoe had Pergola covered by about 400k.

Monroe - Q♥️ T♦️ for open-ended straight
Pergola - A ♥️T♥️ for a nut flush draw

The turn is T♣️, pairing both players.

The river is J♥️ for the flush

Pergola - 3,200,000
Monroe - 385,000

An orbit later and Monroe is all in for his last 225,000 and he gets 3 callers.

The flop is 6-Q-Q and Al Hart bets out 450,000, with the other two players folding.

Hart - JJ
Monroe - Q♣️ 2♣️

Monroe flops trips and quadruples back up to to a milly.

Level 29
Blinds - 50000/100000
Antes - 10000
Players - 7

--Dan Ross -

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