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Monday, February 22, 2016

Michael Comisso - 8th Place - $26,750

Michael Comisso moves all-in preflop, Chris Busch folds, and Danny Gonzales snap-calls faster than any of you can open a refrigerator door when you REALLY need a beer.

Comisso - QQ
Gonzales - A♦️ K♠️

Comisso is at risk for his 1.8 million stack.

The flop is 2-J-4, an 8 on the turn, but Comisson is gone when the A♥️ hits the river, and Gonzales breaks into a big celebration with his rail of fans in the front row. Gonzales has eliminated the first two players of the day.

Danny Gonzales - 4,750,000
Michael Comisso - 8th place - $26,750

Level 28
Blinds - 40000/80000
Antes - 10000
Players - 7

--Dan Ross -

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