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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

1st Place - Ryan Gregor - $111,696

Ryan Gregor started heads-up play almost a 2-1 underdog in chips to Jason Darland. The match between the two, however, was all Gregor's at the start as he methodically worked his way to the chiplead without any all-in plays, then chipped Darland down until he had nearly a 4-1 lead. Darland fought back, however and closed the gap to almost dead-even in chips after the end of the first two full levels of heads-up play.

In the final hand of the tournament, Gregor raised to 650,000 preflop, Darland moved all in and Gregor made the call.

Darland - Q♠️ 9♦️
Gregor - A♦️ 6♦️

The board runs out  2♥️ 3♦️5♣️ A♣️ 5♦️ and Gregor had all the chips.

Ryan Gregor - First Place - $111,969

That's a wrap for all of us here at AmeristarKC. The next HPT Tour Stop is Ameristar East Chicago, with the Main Event May 5-9, then to Ameristar St. Charles, with that Main Event May 19-23

--Dan Ross -

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