Monday, February 20, 2017

Final Table is Set, Zo Karim Leads

Zo Karim Leads the Final Table

The final table for HPT Golden Gates is set for tomorrow at  2 p.m. local time. Ted Driscoll was the tenth place finisher and was eliminated by Cord Garcia. Garcia bagged the second largest stack behind Zo Karim. Karim and Garcia are the only two players entering the final table with over 5-million chips. Below are the chip counts to start the day tomorrow.

Player Chip Count
Zo Karim5,745,000
Cord Garcia5,385,000
Dan O'Brien4,240,000
Andrew Dean2,200,000
Saad Vasquez2,200,000
Ben Keeline1,185,000
Justin Enger1,150,000
Ed Sebesta910,000
Torii Beeding620,000

Karim made Day 2 in the final starting flight after failing to make it through on the previous days. He won a huge hand late in the day against Justin Enger when he made a full house with ace-king against the pocket queens of Enger.

Enger managed to play his short stack back up, and ended up on the final table. Ed Sebesta had a bit of luck when he knocked out Sam Maroon with pocket fives. He was behind against pocket tens, but flopped a set and scored the knockout. Sebesta spent a good portion of the day with a big stack, dipping down ocassionally and eventually working it back up. He will start the day with just under 1-million.

Saad Vasquez

Saad Vasquez has had a quiet go of it so far. He was never in the lead, but also never super short. He enters in the middle of the pack with plenty of chips to make an impact. Ben Keeline joins fellow Colossus winner Garcia at this final table. Garcia actually won this event in September and enters just behing Karim for the chip lead at the final table.

Torii Beeding ended Day 1b as the chip leader and has managed to parlay that into a final table appearance. He enters as the short stack and will likely have to make some moves quick in order to have a lasting effect on the final table.

Dan O'Brien and Andrew Dean round out the final table. O'Brien and Dean both qualified for Day 2 in the final flight after busting on previous attempts. O'Brien slowly built a stack and hit a pretty solid run of cards in order to eliminate Matt Lushin (12th) and Travis Miller (14th).

Andrew Dean

Dean went back and forth with eventual tenth place finisher Ted Driscoll. Dean was sharing the top chip stack earlier in the day with Henry Meachum (11th) and managed to maintain a healthy stack throughout the day. He enteres the final table in fourth place.

The action kicks off tomorrow at 2 p.m. and the newest HPT Champion will be crowned some time tomorrow.

-- Brent Harrington - Hold'em Live Updates

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