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Monday, February 20, 2017

Heads Up at HPT Golden Gates: Cord Garcia Catches a Big One

Cord Garcia spikes an ace on the river

After Dan O'Brien came out of the break hot, it looked like he might win the tournament when he got all in with pocket kings against the KcKc of Cord Garcia.

Dan O'Brien

Garcia opened to 650,000 and O'Brien reraised to 2,000,000. Garcia said all in and O'Brien snap-called. O'Brien showed KcKc and was ahead until the river when the Kc hit and gave Garcia the crucial double up.

That left O'Brien with a little more than 3-million.

Blinds - 150,000/300,000
Antes - 50,000
Entries - 2/787

-- Brent Harrington - Hold'em Live Updates

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