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Monday, February 20, 2017

Cord Garcia Wins HPT Golden Gates For the Second Time In a Row

Cord Garcia Wins HPT Golden Gates

Cord Garcia is the winner of the HPT Golden Gates Main Event and has won back-to-back HPT Golden Gates. He will take home $248,732 for his effort and is on top of the HPT Player of the Year Leaderboard. On top of all that, he also wins his second HPT Bracelet, which he says he will be giving to his mother.

Garcia topped a field of 787 players and eventually defeated Dan O'Brien heads up thanks to a little help from the ace of spades that came on the river to earn him a huge double and leave O'Brien with a little more than ten big blinds.

The final hand saw Garcia get all in with king-nine. He was against the eight-four suited of O'Brien. O'Brien flopped a gut-shot straight and turned a pair, but again Garcia pulled some magic on the river, hitting a nine and winning his second HPT Golden Gates and $248,732.

Garcia started off the day eliminating the first two players, Torii Beeding (9th) and Justin Enger (8th). Then O'Brien eliminated the next two, Ed Sebesta (7th) and Ben Keeline (6th). Then Garcia eliminated Zo Karim (5th), before O'Brien eliminated Saad Vazquez (4th).

Garcia then eliminated Andrew Dean (3rd) and went on to eliminate O'Brien to win his second HPT Gold Gates HPT Main Event in a row.

Here is a list of the final table payouts:

1Cord Garcia$248,732
2Dan O'Brien$153,982
3Andrew Dean$100,881
4Saad Vazquez$69,760
5Zo Karim$50,903
6Ben Keeline$39,103
7Ed Sebesta$32,277
8Justin Enger$26,956
9Torii Beeding$21,634

Thanks for keeping up with HPT Golden Gates and congratulations to the HPT's newest champion, Cord Garcia. The next HPT kicks off in Florence, IN at Bellterra Casino. The series starts March 10 and the Main Event kicks off March 16.

-- Brent Harrington - Hold'em Live Updates

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