Saturday, April 8, 2017

Final Break of Day

Players from Flight B are on their final break of the night. Ed Sebesta has givn up the chip lead for the first time all day to his table mate Josh Turner.

Turner made a flush with Kc Kc against an under pair and AK to knockout 2 and take the lead from Sebesta.

Here are a few chip counts from around the room.

Josh Turner 248,000
Ed Sebesta 242,000
Matt Bond 174,000
Greg Radosh144,000
Nick Burris140,300
Nick Pupillo 134,700
Greg Raymer 112,000
Matt Donaldson 77,200
Reed Hensel50,200
Shawn Roberts 37,300
Nick Jivkov31,000
Mike Reick28,400

Flight B will play 3 more levels then bag for day 2 tomorrow at 2pm

Level -13
Blinds -1000/2000
Antes -300
Players Left -40/118

-- Clinton Cartwright - Hold'em Live Updates

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