Monday, April 10, 2017

Landherr Takes a Big One

Everett Lawrence opens to 85,000 and Jeff Landherr makes the call.

Flop Kc Kc Kc

Lawrence leads for 100,000 and Jeff raises to 268,000 and gets a call.

Turn Kc

This time Lawrence check calls Landherr's 253,000 bet.

River Kc

Lawrence checks and Landherr moves all in for 610,000 and Lawrence calls

Lawrence AT
Landherr AJ

Landherr gets the double and is now chip leader

Everett gets a double the next hand Through Matt Bond who is now the short stack.

Everett Lawrence 295,000
Jeff Landherr 2,550,000 (Pictued)

Level -24
Blinds -12000/24000
Antes -3000
Players Left -9/359

-- Clinton Cartwright - Hold'em Live Updates

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