Monday, May 15, 2017

Anwar Baig Wins Three-Way All-in Party

David Gutfreund opened to 58,000 in middle position, Anwar Baig went all in for 190,000, and Al Krockey re-shoved for 468,000 from the cutoff.

Matt Culp tank-folded on the button, the blinds folded, and Gutfreund confirmed the all-in amounts. He then called, putting both his opponents at risk.

Baig: KcKc
Krockey: KcKc
Gutfreund: KcKc

The board came KcKcKc, giving Baig a set, KcKc.

Baig tripled up and Krockey won the side pot.

Anwar Baig - 610,000
Al Krockey - 540,000
David Gutfreund - 900,000

Level - 24
Blinds - 12,000/24,000
Antes - 3,000
Remaining - 14/526

-- Valerie Cross - Hold'em Live Updates

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