Friday, May 12, 2017

Tom Koral Eliminated by Ryan Olisar

WSOP Circuit Main Event winner and Aussie Millions champion Tom Koral (pictured) went all in for 36,000 in the big blind after Ryan Olisar opened to 5,200 on the button. Olisar picked up his cards, looked at them, and made a sheepish call to put Koral at risk.

Koral: KcKc
Olisar:  qcKc

"Chop it up," Koral joked, and the board ran out KcKcKcKcKc. Koral took the lead on the flop with a pair of fives, but the queen on the river counterfeited his two pair and Olisar's eight kicker played. Koral hit the rail, just before the start of the final level of the night.

Ryan Olisar - 162,000
Tom Koral - Eliminated

Level - 14
Blinds - 1,200
Antes - 2,400
Entries - 300

-- Valerie Cross - Hold'em Live Updates

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