Monday, July 17, 2017

David Charnick - 2nd Place - $81,707

David Charnick doubled up on the very first heads-up hand to get to 5.5 million, but Faulk quickly began cutting in to that stack. To counter Faulk, Charnick switched to moving all-in preflop regularly, choosing not to get involved in much postflop play.

Charnick started final table play 6/8 with just 12B. Easily the player having the most fun at the final table, his relaxed demeanor made it easy, it appeared, to put his stack at risk. He doubled three different times before heads-up play began.

In the final hand of the tournament, Charnick is first to act and goes all-in for 5.29 million.  Faulk requests a count and makes the call.

Charnick shows Kc Kc
Faulk shows Kc Kc

The Kc  KcKc 1flop gave Faulk a set and Charnick a backdoor straight draw.

The Kc made for an open-ended draw but the river Kc brings the end of the tournament.

- Jessica Parente and Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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