Monday, July 17, 2017

Shane Faulk - HPT Black Hawk Champion

Confident and chipping up throughout his first day of play, never in trouble throughout Day 2 and the dominant player the entire final table, Shane Faulk is the 200th Main Event Champion in HPT history, winning the $1100 Main Event from Golden Gates Casino Poker Room.

Faulk earns $132,262 for the win, his biggest-ever cash. His top-two cashes are both HPT Black Hawk events, with a $36k Event 1 win back in 2016 as well.

David Charnick worked a 12BB final table starting-stack all the way to a $81,707 second-place finish. He began heads-up play with a 6-1 deficit and extended play with a double-up on the very first hand, and preflop shoving often kept Faulk at bay.

The final hand was KQ of Charnick against the 22 of Faulk. Faulk flopped a set, then had to dodge an open-ended draw for Charnick on the turn.

Mike Englert was 3rd, never seeming to get in a position to gain cards all day long, cashing for $53,550.

Rory Hayes and Jason Tate picked up 4th and 5th, respectfully.

Danny Gonzales moved to more than $200,000 in HPT Black Hawk earnings with his 12th cash here. His 6th place finish - his 5th HPT Black Hawk final table - earned $20,985.

HPT Comes back to Black Hawk in mid-September for a $1,650 Main Event

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