Sunday, July 16, 2017

Double Knockout on Final Table Bubble

@HPTPoker @Gates_Poker Day 2 just ended on the kind of hand a player dreams of.

Fernando Galvan moves all in for about 800,000. Basky Baker - who started 10-handed play with 3BB - moves in for 1,000,000.

Action folds to Shane Faulk (above) on the button, and Faulk moves all in for more than 2,000,000.

The blinds get out of the way and before the hands can be shown, players start saying Faulk must have Aces.

Galvan - Kc Kc
Baker - Kc Kc
Faulk -  qc Kc

The crowd is right ... Faulk does have Aces, and he has both players covered. If he holds, tomorrow's LiveStream final table is 8-handed instead of nine.

The Kc Kc Kc flop gives Baker a gutterball broadway draw and Galvan a backdoor flush draw.

Kc on the turn doesn't change Baker's outs but cuts Galvan down to one of the remaining two Jacks.

Kc on the turn and the final table is going to be 8-handed.

Galvan cashes in 10th place for $9,052 and Baker gets 9th for $11,756.

Full chipcounts for the LiveStreamNine are coming.

Watch tomorrow's final table at starting a little bit after noon, a delay to show hole cards.

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