Friday, August 4, 2017

Moran Makes a Move

Marco Moran from Raymond, MS, has shown up for today's Flight 1A. Moran has two HPT Vicksburg Main Event cashes: 9th in October 2014 and 13th in October 2015.

Back from dinner break, Moran gets creative with rags.

With 4-way action to the flop (Kc Kc Kc), Moran is first to act and checks.

The player to his immediate left bets 2,000. The other two players fold and action is back on Moran who calls.

The turn comes Kc and both players check. After the river comes (Kc), Moran bets big for 8,500 and his opponent folds.

Moran shows the bluff with his busted straight draw (6-3 off) and currently has about 102,000 in chips.

Blinds - 500/1K
Antes - 100
Remaining - 37

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