Friday, August 4, 2017

Palmer Chips Up

Josh Palmer, from Daphne, AL, is in today's flight. With over $370,000 in lifetime cashes, Palmer is certainly a strong contender in this tournament - his first HPT Main Event.  According to Hendon Mob, Palmer is 15th on the Alabama All Time Money List.

From UTG+1, Palmer raises to 2,500 and gets called by the hijack.

Both blinds fold and the two players see the flop: Kc Kc Kc.

Both players check the flop and see the turn: Kc.

Both players check again and the river comes Kc.  Palmer bets 3000 and takes down the pot.

Palmer currently has about 65,000 in chips.

Blinds - 500/1K
Antes - 100
Remaining - 36

Jessica Parente - Hold'em Live Updates

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