Sunday, January 14, 2018

Aces, Aces, Everywhere


Right after the blinds were raised, Shawn Roberts limped under the gun.  Around to the button, Mike Reci jammed all-in for 350K.  In the big blind was short-stacked Jason Mangold and he decided to put his 131K in the middle.  Roberts asked for a count of both stacks and decided he could afford a call with over a million chips.  Unfortunately for him, his red AJs matched the other red AJs of Mangold.  Reci suddenly looked real good with his pocket fives.  Then two diamonds came on the flop.  Then a 5 hit the turn, but it was a heart and now both Mangold and Roberts had flush draws and Reci was nervous.  A black queen eliminated the nerves and Mangold was eliminated by Reci's set.

His good fortune was short-lived.  Now close to a million chips, Reci got it all in again, this time with Steven Clark on the turn.  The board was king-high with 3 diamonds and Clark was put to the test.  He lamented, "I was trying to slow play this," and half-begrudgingly made the call.  Clark's pocket aces were behind Reci's flopped set of kings.  But Steven had the ace of diamonds.  With the whole table thinking flush, everyone forgot about the ace of hearts... which is what hit the river.  Mike initially thought he'd won for a moment until another player pointed out Clark's higher set.  Reci was stunned with his bustout. 

Also eliminated was short stacked Kyle Julius who ran his pocket 6's into, you guessed it, the pocket aces of Darryl Ronconi.  Rockets haven't been very prevalent at all today until we reached the final 2 tables.  They've come up no fewer than 8 times since.

Level - 25
Antes - 4K
Blinds - 15K/30K
Entries - 14/544

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