Sunday, January 14, 2018

Blogger Mangles Mangold And Then Others Get In On The Act

I don't know who Jeff Mangold is.  I thought he might've been the Jets center, but that's Nick Mangold.  I do know that Jason Mangold is the guy who's been steamrolling his way to a possible final table appearance.  However, after I was dutifully called on my buffoonery, Dennis Stevermer decided to get in on the fun, 3-betting his short stack all-in against Mangold  This time, it was Jason on the short end of AQ vs. AA.  He got one queen on the flop, but not a second and Stevermer doubled up. 

A couple hands later Mangold was took a queen-high all-spade flop with Aaron Porter.  Porter check-raised and Mangold jammed for almost 800K.  Porter snapped with AA and the ace of spades.  Mangold's kicker with his top pair on board was the king of spades.  Yuck.  The turn brought the four-flush and the lock for Porter.  Jason lost over 80% of his stack in those two hands.  Porter was all smiles afterwards as he collected over 1.7 million in chips. 

My apologies to the Mangold family for unwittingly jinxing your representative. #BadBlogger

Level - 24
Antes - 3K
Blinds - 12K/24K
Entries - 17/544

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