Sunday, January 14, 2018

And Then There Were Two...

This is how the field looks as we come back from break.

Table 2
Seat 1 Empty
Seat 2 Empty
Seat 3 Raymond Lantz 650K
Seat 4 Empty
Seat 5 Jason Mangold 1.011M
Seat 6 Shawn Roberts 740K
Seat 7 Steven Clark 1.232M
Seat 8 Dennis Stevermer 313K
Seat 9 Matthew Buczkiewicz 638K

Table 3
Seat 1 Mike Reci 366K
Seat 2 Raj Dhanekula 1M
Seat 3 Ryan Kulovitz 1.532M
Seat 4 Empty
Seat 5 Cary Bone 519K
Seat 6 Mike Schlegel 560K
Seat 7 Empty
Seat 8 Brian Thomas 465K
Seat 9 Aaron Porter 973K

Table 7
Seat 1 Jim Kasputis 1.733M
Seat 2 Empty
Seat 3 Empty
Seat 4 Darryl Ronconi 1.347M
Seat 5 Sandeep Sikand 603K
Seat 6 Boulos Estafanous 1.498M
Seat 7 Empty
Seat 8 Ben Grise 835K
Seat 9 Kyle Julius 303K

And just as we finished typing this, Shawn Roberts's overpair (QQ) knocked out Matthew Buczkiewicz's 2nd pair with open-ender.  Roberts jammed on the flop and Buczkiewicz called and couldn't catch up.  We're now down to 18 players.

Level - 24
Antes - 3K
Blinds - 12K/24K
Entries - 19/544

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