Sunday, January 14, 2018

One Stays In, One Drops Out

Mike Reci didn't seem too happy when Sandeep Sikand check-called his 30K turn bet on an AK2Q board.  He seemed further upset to have to put his last 115K in the middle when the 8 came on the river.  Reci said, "Good luck, boys," as Sikand gave counted out the chips and gave it it about a-half-minute before making the call.  Reci's demeanor turned rosy as he turned over JT for the nuts.  Sikand's KJ went to the muck as he succumbed to the double-up.


Meanwhile, our second elimination took place Tracy Sibson's short stack dance was ended by Ben Grise's pocket queens.  Sibson managed to parlay a stack of under 50K when we hit the money into a 26th place finish, nearly doubling his payday.  The levels have just gone up once again as we step deeper into that high cotton.

Level - 23
Antes - 3K
Blinds - 10K/20K
Entries - 25/544

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