Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sun & Estafanous Go Back & Forth

John Sun lost over half his stack to Boulos Estafanous moments ago when Estafanous milked the nut flush he'd flopped.  Now Sun's put his last 117,000 in the middle thinking he needed to get lucky.  He wasn't as bad off as he thought with his QJo against Estafanous's 44.  He was a lot less bad off when the flop came QQK.  Two 6's completed the board and gave John a full house and a small measure of revenge.  Despite the hit, Boulos is the 3rd member of the 1 million chip club at present. 

Level - 22
Antes - 2K
Blinds - 8K/16K
Entries - 26

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