Sunday, January 14, 2018

Smiles & Sighs

I'd have to imagine Dennis Stevermer's bummed he's not going to make the final table.  He was short-stacked most of the second-half of the day and finally ran into a wall on a 4A5K board.  He raised on all-in on Aaron Porter with AJ, but Porter had AQ.  The river 9 sent Stevermer home, but the St. Paul, MN man will no doubt be spending a couple hundred bucks of the $8,968 he won today on a Stefon Diggs jersey.  Porter joined Steven Clark in the 2 million chip club with this pot.

Also hitting the rail was Mike Schlegel who had also been mostly short-stacked since dinner.  His AK ran into, of course, the AA of Ryan Kulovitz, who became the 3rd member of the 2 million chip club.  Kulovitz has sneakily built up his stack since making that "big lay down" to Ben Grise before dinner.  

Level - 25
Antes - 4K
Blinds - 15K/30K
Entries - 12/544

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