Monday, January 15, 2018

With the table 6-handed, Jim Kasputis (left) opened from under the gun for 65,000.  Steven Clark called from the cutoff, and then Cary Bone (sunglasses) moved all in for his last 96,000 after being crippled on the previous hand.  Once informed he couldn't reopen the pot, Kasputis called and Clark followed suit.  The flop came K95 flop and Kasputis started a side pot with a bet of 75,000.  Clark mucked two 7's face-up saying he was set-mining.  Bone had a bad feeling his AJ was in trouble and he was right as Kasputis revealed AK.  Jack on the turn.  Oh, no, Seth the Dealer... you wouldn't dare... PAINT!  But it was a queen.  Kasputis let out a small sigh and Bone became the final table double bubble.  Less than 10 minutes later, the players went to what will likely be the final break of the evening.  Just two more eliminations and we reach the TV table.

Level - 25 completed
Antes - 5K
Blinds - 20K/40K when we resume
Entries - 11/544

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