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Monday, February 19, 2018

Bond Doubles

Mike Englert opens for 1,000,000, Matt Bond moves all in for 4,970,000 and Englert ... finds a call for what could be the deciding hand in the @HPTPoker @Gates_Poker Main Event

Bond - Kc Kc
Englert - Kc Kc

The flop comes out Kc Kc Kc, top pair for Bond and a flush draw for Englert.

The board runs out Kc Kc and Bond regains the chiplead as players take a 10-minute break.

"That's the first time I've been all in (and at risk) the entire tournament," Bond says as he goes on break.

Bond - 9,900,000
Englert - 8,300,000

Remaining - 2/607

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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