Monday, February 19, 2018

Englert Takes First Lead

Matt Bond makes it 950,000 preflop with Englert calling.

Bond bets out 550,000 on the Kc Kc Kc and Englert again makes the call.

The turn is Kc and Bond puts a 7-figure bet out of 1,075,000.

Englert starts counting out chips, then takes a full stack and announces "All in," as he slides it forward.

Bond mucks and for the first time heads-up, Englert has a small chiplead of about 4BB, expanding that lead to a 11m-7m lead after a few more hands.

Pocket Jacks for Englert one hand later, Bond pays off a big river bet and now the lead is 13m-5m for Englert.

While neither player showed any negative emotion most of final table play, Bond seems clearly frustrated now.

Antes - 50k
Blinds - 200k/400k
Remaining - /607

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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