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Sunday, September 30, 2018


We're down to two players in the $500 Main Event after ten and a half hours of play. Ricky Ali (pictured) and Terrence Mattison are the final two players from a starting field of 450.

The two have been playing heads up since Bobby Noel was eliminated in third place about 30 minutes ago. Ali and Mattison just stepped away for a quick bathroom break. When they return we'll play down to a winner. The two are nearly even in chips with Ali holding a slight advantage. Blinds are at 60k/120k.

Ricky Ali - 4.825M

Terrence Mattison - 4.175M

Level: 30 (10:00 remaining)
Blinds: 60k/120k
BB Ante: 60k
Remaining: 2

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