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Monday, April 1, 2019

Greg Wood Wins his First HPT Title at Third HPT Final Table in a Row

Greg Wood (pictured) topped a field of 555 entries to win the Heartland Poker Tour Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg Main Event on Monday in Indiana. He took home the top prize worth $119,101 along with the $3,500 Championship package. Wood took his career earnings up to $220,352 after claiming the victory at a short final table that took less than five hours to crown a champion. This was also the the third HPT final table in a row for Wood (9th at HPT St. Louis and 8th at HPT St. Charles), who won his first HPT title.

Here is a look at the chip counts at the start of play:

Seat 1: George Janssen - 6,695,000
Seat 2: Joseph Hiudt - 1,510,000
Seat 3: Greg Wood - 2,300,000
Seat 4: Gary Breslauer - 815,000
Seat 5: Doug Songer - 1,760,000
Seat 6: Donnie Kalb - 1,120,000
Seat 7: Mike Shin - 695,000
Seat 8: Angela Shade - 1,005,000
Seat 9: Ian Richardson - 755,000

Gary Breslauer doubled up in the first major action at the final table shortly after cards got into the air at Noon. Mike Shin then became the first player to hit the rail in ninth place when his ace-queen ran into the pocket nines of Joseph Hiudt. Angela Shade fell in eighth place a short time later when her ace-jack couldn't hold up in a three-way all-in where Ian Richardson woke up with pocket tens.

The players then took their first break, and when they returned Donnie Kalb was the next player to exit in seventh place when his ace-ten found no help against the pocket tens of Doug Songer. Greg Wood then scored a double at the expense of Songer, who was left with five big blinds and shoved on the next hand. Songer was eliminated in sixth place when his 8-6 offsuit couldn't catch up with the Ace-9 of George Janssen.

Hiudt then scored a triple up to keep his tournament hopes alive. Breslauer was the next player on the chopping block in fifth place. Breslauer took his last stand with a pair of jacks he made on the turn, but Wood had flopped a pair of aces.

Hiudt doubled up again, and it came at the expense of Richardson, who got all in a short time later with 7-6 offsuit, but he ran into the pocket kings of Wood and busted in fourth place. Hiudt's luck then ran out in third place when he made a pair of tens that ran into trip fives held by Janssen.

Janssen held the chip lead with 9.98 million at the start of the final match, but Wood still had a healthy stack of 6,675,000. Wood soon took control of the final battle. He took the chip lead and whittled Janssen down by winning a lot of uncontested pots.

On the final hand, Greg Wood moved all in preflop on the button, and Janssen called all in for 2,275,000. The final two players then flipped over their cards.

Wood: 7h5h
Janssen: KdJc

Board: 6d5s2s4h2c

Janssen was eliminated in second place, good for $73,573, and that made Wood the HPT Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg champion. Wood took home $119,101, the $3,500 Championship package, and the HPT trophy.

Congratulations to our new HPT champion, Greg Wood!

Final Table Results

1st: Greg Wood - $119,101 + $3,500 Championship package
2nd: George Janssen - $73,573
3rd: Joseph Hiudt - $48,219
4th: Ian Richardson - $33,505
5th: Gary Breslauer - $24,348
6th: Doug Songer - $18,896
7th: Donnie Kalb - $15,879
8th: Angela Shade - $13,233
9th: Mike Shin - $10,586

That concludes our coverage from the HPT Hollywood Casino Lawrencebrug Main Event. Thanks to Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg for hosting a great first stop on the tour. The HPT will head to Meadows Racetrack & Casino nestled in the rolling hills outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a little over a week for the next stop on the tour. The HPT Meadows Racetrack & Casino Main Event will run April 11-15, and the HPT live reporting team will have all the action for you in live updates, chip counts, and photos.

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