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Monday, September 2, 2019


Eddie Blumenthal moves all in preflop for 1.2 million, then Josh @JRiechard45 also moves all in three-handed at the @HPTpoker East Chicago final table. David McDermott rapidly gets out of the way and up go the cards with Blumenthal at risk.
  • King_Five (hc) for Blumenthal
  • Nines (cd) for Reichard
The board runs out 4h - Tc - Ad - 6c - 2h and Blumenthal is out in 3rd place, earning $75,367.

Reichard moves to 11,115,000, set to go heads-up against McDermott (6,290,000) after a short break.

Level - 28
Ante - 80k
Blinds - 40k/80k
Entries - 2/579

-- Dan Ross - Hold'em Media Live

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