Friday, February 17, 2017

Henry Meachum Tops Day 1b, Leads 33 Into Day 2

Henry Meachum finished ahead of 32 other players to top Day 1b of the HPT Golden Gates Main Event. The 33 players made it through the 159 person flight and, just like yesterday, the chip leader was the only player to finish above 400,000. Meachum bagged 439,000. However, he was still behind Ryan Van Sanford who bagged 468,500 last night.

The next closest player to Meachum was Aaron Frei who finished with 360,000. He had a strong second half of the day, and won himself a stuffed happy face from Allen Kessler after he knocked him out late in the day.

Aaron Frei gets a happy face after knocking out Allen Kessler

Like Kessler, Dan O'Brien, Ben Keeline, and Jamie Kerstetter all fired again and failed to make it through to Day 2. They are expected to join the field tomorrow. The HPT's 2016 Player of the Year Ryan Gregor ran today and failed to make the dinner break. Tomorrow's flight starts at noon and is expected to be even bigger than today's.

-- Brent Harrington - Hold'em Live Updates

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