Sunday, July 16, 2017

Merry Poker Christmas, Mr. Schwartz

I stopped over at table 4 to see an all in and a call, and what looked like a chop at first ... but then again ...

I see  qc Kc for one player and Kc Kc for Ian Schwartz sitting atop the  4X Kc Kc JX Kc board.

It takes me a moment to realize Schwartz has the nut flush, but what happened? When they they get it all in the middle?

Schwartz said his challenger bluff-shoved on the river, and Schwartz snap-called for his remaining 242,000.

Whoa ... repping that you hold the nuts and you shove, only to run in to the nuts .. ouch.

Ian Schwartz - 505,000

Level - 18
Blinds - 3k/6k
Antes - 1k
Remaining - 82

Dan Ross - Hold'em Live Updates

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